Group Dining

Group Event Dining


Group events at Stanford's are enhanced by the same high caliber of service you experience while dining here with your family. Whether your gathering is social or professional, intimate or bustling, our staff and space will make it memorable.

Think Stanford's for business gatherings and networking events, family and social occasions, birthdays, holidays, any-days! We accommodate everything from small get-togethers to patio, bar and full-restaurant buyouts.


  • In the heart of Kruse Way in the West Lake neighborhood, near Centerpointe Business Park
  • Immediate access to Hwy 217 and I-5
  • Two semi-private group dining areas; each accommodate 36 guests
  • Converted Patio Room can accommodate 70 guests

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Group Event Dining Menu


Our scratch-recipe Banquet Menu features large-party appetizers and buffet-style and plated meals. Items include gourmet hamburgers; fresh seafood; perfectly prepared steaks, ribs and prime rib; salads and sandwiches; macaroni and cheese; Baja-style tacos; sushi rolls and more.

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Menu Requirements/ Minimums
For groups of 21 or more guests, we require the use of a banquet or event menu. While you are not required to pre-order entrees, we do ask for a guaranteed guest count and menu selection 14 days prior to your event.

Specialty Cakes and Desserts
We have a number of specialty desserts and dessert platters we can provide; our event team will help facilitate your requests.

Wine, Beer, Liquor
We offer fantastic bar options for all events. Choose from an open bar, a ticketed bar with a set menu, open beer and wine options or wines by the bottle.**

Special Requests
Special arrangements for linens are available. Please discuss special requirements for your event with our team. We will do whatever we can to ensure that your event is handled with care.




To Secure Your Reservation:

  • Enter an event inquiry on our website or by phone.
  • Respond to our event and management teams regarding availability and applicable minimums. They'll also provide you a digital contract to sign and a secure portal to put a card on file and/or complete your deposit.
  • Select menu and/or appetizer choices for your group. Please reference our menus for ideas on what items you can select. Most of our menu items can be modified for large groups, and our team is happy to create a special menu for your occasion!
  • Confirm final count 3 to 14 business days (depending on your group size) prior to your event.

Large Party Reservation Policy - To reserve space in our main dining room for tables of 10–20, please submit a request online. To confirm your reservation, we require a card on file. You may cancel your reservation without penalty up to 3 days prior to your reservation date.

Room Reservation Policy - To reserve space in a semi-private room, a minimum food and beverage purchase is required. These minimums fluctuate based on holiday, day of the week, time of day, and city and convention events. To confirm your event, a deposit of 20% of the event minimum is required. This payment will be applied toward the final cost of the event and be deducted from your final bill at the conclusion of the event.

Guaranteed Guest Count - A guaranteed guest count is required 14 days prior to your event for buyouts or groups of 30 or more people. Your guaranteed guest count is the minimum number of people you will be charged for, even if the number decreases at the time of the event.

**In keeping with our commitment to responsible service of alcohol and in accordance with state laws, we reserve the right to card any and all guests, and to refuse alcohol service to anyone who displays visible signs of intoxication. Such action on the part of the employees will have the full support and approval of the Client/Organization signing this contract.

We are happy to answer any questions and provide information about hosting your special event. Have special requests? We can help coordinate.

To learn more or book an event, call 503.620.3541 or click to below.

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